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The good news for start-up entrepreneurs ... is that you no longer need to employ an accountant or attorney who may charge you anywhere in the region of R1800.00 - R3500.00 to register your company. With advances in the world of information technology, this has become a thing of the past and this is where we come into play. By making use of our electronic company registration submission service, you can enjoy the benefits of getting your small business registered fast and at a fraction of the cost. Don't hesitate and start a business right now!

We provide an online business registration service ... for people who want to start a business in the quickest & easiest way possible. For only R849.99, we take the hassle out of registering your company yourself. All you need to do is follow our simple 3 step online business registration process by completing an easy company registration form and kick-start your business today. Start a business online super fast! Take advantage of our speedy, professional online business registration service, it's the one you can rely on. 

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Use our FREE Accounting Officer if you don't already have an Accounting Officer of your own! Now that you can see just how easy starting a businesswith us is, you know that it takes nothing more than 3 easy steps! So go ahead and ...

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Please note : As of the 1 May 2011 our cc registration services will no longer be available! As stipulated by the New Companies Act 2008, no new close corporation registration applications will be accepted by CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission). The estimated time taken for registration of a company totally depends on the workload of the Companies and Intelectual Property Commission (CIPC) and is therefore NOT set. Please allow at least 2-4 weeks for company registrations as a safe estimate.

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Please note :

As of the 1 May 2011 our cc registration services will no longer be available as stipulated by the New Companies Act 2008, no new Close Corporation Registration applications will be accepted by CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission)

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Click on the link at the end of Step 3 to complete our easy online company registration form to begin the process of registering your company. All fields must completed accurately as all the details on the registration form will be submitted as is.

Next, pay the prescribed fee for the registration of your company into our account and fax the proof payment to us. Once you have sent the proof of payment via fax we will start processing your business registration application.

When you have completed the previous two steps we will send your company registration documents to you electronically via email and commence business immediately, and that's it, you're done! Click this link to Start a Business Online!

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