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Our Services


  • Private Company Registration


  • Non Profit Company Registration


  • Company Name Reservation


  • Company Address Change


  • SARS Tax Clearance Certificates
  • Annual Return Submission
  • BBBEE Affidavits
  • Share Certificates


  • Company Restorations
  • De-registrations


  • Director Amendments


  • Member Amendments


  • Address Changes


  • Company Directors (add and Remove)


  • Close Corporation Members (Add and Remove)

About us

We are an online business registration provider for people who want to start a business in the quickest & easiest way possible. For only R399.99, we take the hassle out of registering your business yourself. All you need to do is follow our simple online company registration process by completing an easy business registration form and kick-start your business today. Start a business fast!

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  • Up-To-Date, Accurate information
  • FREE Email/SMS notification services
  • Did we mention 60 day 100% refund
  • Fast, Efficient customer care service
  • Future Business & Accounting discounts

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That’s Good News

… is that you no longer need to employ an accountant or attorney who may charge you anywhere in the region of R1500.00 – R3500.00 to register your close corporation. With advances in the world of information technology, this has become a thing of the past and this is where we come into play.By making use of our electronic company registration submission service, you can enjoy the benifits of getting your close corporation registered fast and at a fraction of the cost.

Take advantage of our quick, professional online company registration service, it’s the one you can rely on. Don’t waste time, get started right now!

Make use of our FREE Accounting Officer if you don’t already have an Accounting Officer of your own!


How to register a company number online and what are the costs?

Just follow our easy online registration process for registering a company. The cost is only R 399 which will include:

1. the company / business name reservation and

2. the registration number and documents for the company / business.

What forms and documents are required to register a company name online in South Africa

After completion and submission of the company registration application on our website you will receive a confirmation email with payment details.

Please use the reference number provided when making payment and in all correspondence to us.

As soon as we receive proof of payment, your company names will be submitted for reservation, which can take a few days. The first available name will be reserved by the Companies Commission (Cipc). During the name reservation process, we’ll also email you a POA to be signed by all directors of the company. The signed forms must be emailed back to us with certified copies of all directors and incorporators ID’s (please note that the certified copies of ID’s must not be older than 2 months).

We cannot proceed and start a company application without these documents, so please send these to us as soon as possible to speed up your registration.


How long will the company registration process take?

This all depends on the workload at the Companies Commission and is dependant on their timeframe. All company registration applications are processed on a first come first serve basis and as the registration times changes often, best will be to contact us on 074 321 7764 for more information in this regard.


Can a foreigner be a director of a company?

Yes, any foreigner can be a director of a company in South Africa. The document required for a foreigner to be a director of a company will be emailed to you as soon as the business names have been submitted for reservation. An affidavit must be signed and stamped at any police station in South Africa. The affidavit format will be emailed to you. It is also a requirement that the registered address of the company must be in South Africa.


Are there any other costs involved?

No, we do not charge any additional costs for the Pty Company Registration. Also we will submit up to three times the company name reservation at no additional cost, should your business names be declined for being in comparative with other existing companies.


How long will my name reservation take?

Generally this only takes a few days, but sometimes it can take little bit longer at the Companies Commission (Cipc) due to workload.


Do you register nationally?

Yes, if your business is in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth or any other city or town we can assist you. To start a company registration simply follow the online Pty Company Registration process and refer to the confirmation email send to you upon submission. As soon as the registration is finalized the documents will be available to download for opening of a business bank account.